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What can we say?  Our fudge is thick, creamy, and Oh so sweet! Our expert Fudge-Makers create the Mill's most popular candy treat daily from fresh butter, cream, sugar and natural flavorings. A memorable gift idea! We are certain it's a crowd pleaser since we sell over 6 tons a season. Share some joy...send some fudge! It will last two weeks in the box (not refrigerated) so order some for special family gatherings and holidays. Make sure to get enough so you can enjoy some yourself. Our fudge is sold by the piece, each is approximately 1/2 pound each.

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Looking for a fun way to make money for our organization? Try our Fudge Fundraiser!

“Fly Creek’s fudge fundraiser couldn’t be easier! The fudge sells itself and the Mill takes care of the rest, all we had to do was collect and deliver. It is a simple way to raise funds in just a few weeks.”

     ~ Tim Lawrence, Central Valley Academy

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