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Fudge fundraising for your group

Let us help you! - Raise funds for your group by selling creamy and delicious Mill-made Fudge!

The Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard makes fundraising for your group easy and profitable.  Simply sell boxes (approximately a half a pound) of our famous Mill-made, butter-cream fudge for $9.00 each and your group profits $3.28 per box or if you're tax-exempt $4.00 per box!!  Local and fresh is what it is all about and your sales will out-perform traditional “national-brand” fundraisers.

Fudge is sold in boxes weighing approximately a half-pound each. Select 1 flavor per box.
A minimum group order of 75 boxes ($375) is required.

The following flavors are available and your group may choose up to 6 flavors to sell:
Chocolate, Chocolate Walnut, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Heath, Creamsicle, Vanilla, Mocha Latte, Apple Pie, Maple Nut, Pumpkin, Blueberry Cheesecake, Raspberry Swirl, Lemon Meringue, Pistachio and Dark Chocolate.

Choose your group's 6 flavors and submit the Group Information Form.  You will then receive your group's customized Fudge Order Form and Group Leader Summary Form and begin sales.

Organization sells each 1/2 pound box for $9.00.  The cost to the organization for the 1/2 pound box is $5.00.    

•        Tax exempt organizations will profit $4.00 per box.
•        Non tax exempt organizations will profit approximately $3.28 depending on tax rate.
Your customers prepay at time of their order.
Payment is due Fly Creek Cider Mill at time of order.
We suggest that you take orders for 2-3 weeks.
A 4-5 day lead time is needed to make the fudge, cut and package so it is fresh for your customers!

NOTE: DELIVERY BLACKOUT DATE: Early September - Late October...  you may take orders at this time but delivery will not occur until late October.... we'll be busy making fudge for sale in the Mill!

The organization picks up the fudge.
Any individual selling 10 pounds (20 boxes) or more will receive 1/2 pound of chocolate fudge free.
Required forms that must be filled out are: Group Information Sheet, NYS Resale Certificate Form or Tax Exempt Form, Fudge Order Form, and  Group Leader Summary Form.  Please contact Lin Molloy ( or 607-547-9692 x113) for your customized forms.

FAQ'S Mill Fudge Fundraiser

Q:  What is needed to set up a fundraiser?
A:  We need the following forms filled out and returned:
       1.Group Information Form- this tells us who you are, contact person, when 
           the sale starts and ends, when orders and money are due, and when you can
           pick up the fudge.
       2. Resale Certificate or Tax Exempt Form.
       3. Once the forms are submitted and approved you will then receive the order form
            and group leader form. 

Q:  How do I get these forms?
A:  We can email, fax or mail to you. Call 607-547-9692 ext. 113 for your customized order form.

Q:  How long should we sell the fudge?
A:  We recommend 2-3 weeks

Q:  How is the fudge sold?
A:  Fudge is sold in a boxes weighing approximately a half pound each.  Customers select one flavor per box. 

Q:  What does a box of fudge cost?
A:  Organizations sells each box for $9.00.
      The cost to your organization is $5.00 a box.  Your profit is $4.00 a box if you are tax
      exempt.  If you are not tax exempt then you will profit approximately $3.28 based on
      8% or your tax.
Q:  Who pays the tax?
A:  The organization is responsible to pay the NYS sales tax as per the Resale Certificate.

Q:  Is there a minimum that we need to sell?
A:  Yes, there is a minimum of 75 boxes ($375)

Q:  What flavors do we sell?
A:  You can choose up to 6 flavors that are listed on the fundraiser form.  These flavors
      change with the seasons and are our top sellers.  You may also request a flavor not
      listed and if possible we can add that to your selection.

Q:  Can fudge be kept in the freezer?
A:  Fudge may be kept in the freezer, just make sure it is tightly wrapped.

Q: When is the best time to sell fudge?
A: Anytime is good as the Mill’s Fudge is very popular.  Groups have also had success at holiday times such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

What our visitors are saying

“Fly Creek Cider Mill's fudge fundraiser couldn't be easier!  The fudge sells itself and the Mill takes care of the rest.  All we had to do was collect and deliver.  It is a simple way to raise funds in just a few weeks.”

-Tim Lawrence - Central Valley Academy
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